Day 22 of Gratitude - Today I’m grateful for Thanksgiving, a.k.a. the best holiday!  Instead of cooking for only four people, we are going to The Whitney in downtown Detroit.  It’s an old mansion that is now a restaurant.  It belonged to a David Whitney, who was, at the time, Michigan’s wealthiest citizens.  The house was built between 1890-94 and cost $400,000 or in today’s economy $10,500,000.  HOLY MOLY!!  

Another cool aspect of this mansion, it is known to be haunted.  Oh, I SO want to see a ghost today.  If I do, you’ll know what I’ll be grateful for tomorrow! ;)  The ghost are assumed to be David Whitney and his wife, who both died in the mansion.  I think Ghosthunters need to take a trip to The Whitney!  

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